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Vrbotz partners with companies on their digital journey. We help customers realize the power of digitization by transforming their businesses, automating repetitive work and turning data into value.
Vrbotz uses Robotic Process Automation to automate repetitive mundane work – and significantly enables human beings to think and create new opportunities to grow their business.

Proven average costs and time savings over 50%

Our Services

High Service Standards

Through unparalleled subject matter expertise and conglomeration of experts in diverse mission-critical areas of operations.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Offers integrated technology solutions with global best practices

Value based solutions

Innovative, inspiring and cost-efficient solutions to maximize bottom line savings.

Industry specific templates

Create and use industry-specific BOT templates for various processes, for faster turnaround time.

Our Skills

Our team specializes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI. We have implemented projects across various industries – including banking, insurance, real-estate and e-commerce. The solutions are not industry-specific, and we work with any industry where there are problems to solve using RPA & AI. Common problems that we have solved with RPA are account reconciliation, generation of invoices, purchase orders, order processing, product uploads, SMS/email communication with customers, customer management ( CRM ), loans/payment automation and procurement automation.

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%

We love new challenges

We love to see new problems and domains. While your domain may be different, we usually see that many problems are similar across many domains and industries. Banking/Insurance/Shipping/e-Commerce/Construction/Real Estate – while the industries are very different, some of the processes that are prevalent in these industries are the same, or very similar. We would like to hear about your challenge – whether you want to automate to help you scale & grow, or to gain efficiency of operations.

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Embrace automation now, and free up time for humans to think